Our Mission

What’s better than being a Texan? Being a Texan who enjoys craft beer!

Our family has spent the last decade visiting craft breweries in the US and realized some of the best are right here at home, in Texas. The majority of our favorites are in the San Antonio and Austin area, but we are branching out rapidly. And we thought nothing would be better than to share this experience with other Texans and those visiting Texas looking for a craft beer experience they won’t soon forget!


Husband and wife, with toddler in tow, we venture to new breweries and brewpubs on a regular basis. We even make a point to visit the local brewers in other states when on vacation. After spending some time in Colorado and seeing how their breweries worked together to promote each other, we felt it would be a great thing to bring back with us to Texas and start out in the booming San Antonio area.


When we aren’t checking out new brews, I work in technology and bridging the educational technology gap. My husband is a graphic designer and marketing associate. And, our two-year-old is an adventurous daredevil who is alway ready to go somewhere new. We invest our time in ourselves, our family, immediate and extended, and our friends, who might as well be family. Join us on Instagram to see our explorations and download your TX CraftPass to begin yours!