Glasses of beer from Jester King

Jester King Brewery: You’ll want to visit often

Texas has a vast assortment of craft beers, but few breweries offer the welcoming atmosphere of Jester King. Located on 165 acres of land, the brewery is at a cross-section of beautiful green grass and trees on the outskirts of Austin.


What makes this place so unique? Well, first off, the atmosphere itself makes for half of the experience. Before I visited, I saw pictures of Jester King Brewery online, and I was impressed. Here was a brewery that offered not only a tasting room and a wide range of their craft beers, but was also in a location that was ideal. With benches outside to sit and talk, the large plot of land feels like a sanctuary: like a home away from home. If you come for a drink, you are expected to feel comfortable. And with such a sociable environment and calming location, you will be.


With the location being so nice and all, I was especially interested in how the drinks tasted. Jester King Brewery offers many options: from current beers to beers fermented in stainless steel tanks to barrel-aged beers. The variety can be intimidating at first since you might not know most of these beers. So if you’re anything like me, you might be wondering: what is the best beer at Jester King Brewery?


From everyone I asked, it seems to be that Atrial Rubicite is the most popular beer. It has a raspberry flavor to it which makes it refreshing. If you prefer an earthier, honey taste, you could also try the Biere de Miel. I went with the RU-55 which has a darker flavor but is more to my liking. However, new beers are introduced continually at Jester King. You surely won’t be able to try them all, but that leaves you with tons of variety. For example, the Aurelian Lure is one of their popular sour beers made with apricots. Now that kind of variety and quality in beer-making you’ll seldom find, and any first-comer will feel overwhelmed looking at the selection. So, of course, you might want to do some research before going and pick out some staples to try for your first visit.


Jester Brewery is polished place at an ideal location – I was not expecting their beers to all be so good in their variety. It’s an excellent place for a special outing on a weekend: it’s the perfect place to have a special kind of drink with some special people. If you’re someone who prefers that the high quality of their environment match that of their drink, I say Jester King Brewery is for you. Being one of the top craft breweries in Texas is no small achievement, and these guys have earned it.