Künstler Brewing

Driving through a little neighborhood in downtown San Antonio between South Flores and Probandt on a dead end street, you don’t expect to come across a place like Künstler Brewing. The husband and wife craft beer artists have made a home for their Bavarian-Texan beverages in the resurging area of South Town.


I headed down for my first visit there from the Selma area, a 25-minute drive on a Tuesday evening, with my husband and our toddler daughter. It was more than worth the trip. After two samples to help the husband make a drink decision, he decided on the Tejano Coffee Porter, a collaboration with White Elephant Coffee Co. It is a smooth porter, leaving you satisfied with your drink choice and a slight buzz from the coffee flavor.


I decided to be adventurous and chose four different beers for a sample flight. One of which, was an IPA. Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t drink IPAs, but something about the name, Black Rose, and the fact that it was called a “dark IPA,” left me wanting to try it out. This slightly hoppy, slightly malty combination of citrus and coffee with a light and somewhat dry finish is a welcome marriage of a traditional hoppy IPA and robust porter.


My second choice for my flight was Künstler’s new addition, Inconceivable Wit, a decision I made based on the name (because I believe I have an unappreciated wit) and because wit beers are my favorite of the wheat brews. I drank the first half before we received our food and it was a refreshing, citrus-filled burst of orange and, I’m guessing, ginger. It was much needed in the hot hot heat of San Antonio. The second half of this beer was finished with the amazingly fluffy pretzel we ordered and, sadly, the wit lost its flavor to the salt of the Bavarian twist. I do hope the wit stays for the summer. It was inconceivably refreshing and a great end to a hot day. I suggest making it your pre-dining drink.


The third of my flight was called Confident Bitch. I only chose it because of the malty, roasted description and nothing to do with feeling a relation to the name. It was a great compilation of roasted malt and hops, giving me a sense of balance while spending time with the kiddo playing Mrs. Pacman. My husband enjoyed it as well, commenting that it “fit (me) well.”


Lastly, I chose the Chamuco, a spiced porter, because I had never had a spiced porter before and assumed it would be laced with cinnamon, much like a Mexican hot chocolate. This was a different flavor than anything I have enjoyed previously, but I would take the recommendation from the Künstler website and do a 50/50 mix of the Chamuco and Tejano Coffee Porter in the future.


All in all, we were very happy in our Tuesday night beer choices and glad Künstler has decided to add Tuesdays to its operation times. I do have to say the Confident Bitch was my overall favorite and my husband landed on the Tejano Coffee porter as his. We will return with friends and family on a regular basis to visit our favorites and explore what is to come from the talented brew artists.