Lone Pint Brewery

Let’s Talk about the Scrumptious Ales from Lone Pint Brewery

The Lone Pint Brewery is based in Magnolia, Texas. It’s perhaps best known for the American IPA Yellow Rose which has strong grapefruit, pineapple, and blueberry flavors and aromas. In fact, most of the ales available at Lone Pint Brewery are high-quality.

And it shows – the brewery has a growing fan base and one that consistently comes back. They have been given high marks by virtually all rating outlets, but I wanted to do some research for myself. And what I found sold me on Lone Pint Brewery is being one of the best breweries in Texas.


What They Offer

There is a vast selection of brews offered by Lone Pint Brewery. However, they got a few staples – what they call ‘core brews’ – all year long. Most of the other brews are seasonal and thus can be only enjoyed during certain times of the year.


Some core brew favorites include:

  • 667 Neighbor of the Beast, which is an India Pale Ale, made of malted barley, three different hopes, and some other extra flavors.
  • Tornado Shark, one of the darkest caramelized malts available. They say it’s “so good it inspired a movie.” Maybe we should ask them which one.
  • Gentleman’s Relish, a throwback to the Northern English Brown style of beers, this ale has a dark taste with a chocolate-caramelly-nuttiness.
  • Yellow Rose, the absolute favorite from Lone Pint Brewery, is an IPA released in 2012. It’s a strong beer – and one that is a mixture of a few different fruits to make for a nicely-blended beer. One of the best.

Other than the core brews, I suggest you check out their seasonal brews. They change up their selection quite often so you can always expect something new.

Lone Pint Brewery also has, as an added selection, their Zythophile Lone Hop Series. They started this series due to the large amount of new hops developing, and they wanted to keep it simple. The Zynthophile Lone Hope Series is made from one kind of hop – and you may have heard what the first beer of this series is. Yes, it was mentioned in the beginning of this article: The Yellow Rose. Zythophile is typically released four to six times a year so every release comes with high expectations.


The Final Verdict

I give Lone Pint Brewery high marks for maintaining consistency in quality across their entire selection. Arguably, you’re never going to try all of their ales – there’s such a selection that you will get stuck on a few favorites that you always want to drink again.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that Lone Pint Brewery gets high marks – it’s indisputably one of the best breweries in Texas.