Taproom at Live Oak Brewing Co.

Live Oak Brewing Company

German beer enthusiasts in the Austin, Texas area and throughout the world have found a haven in Live Oak Brewing Company.

Live Oak Brewing Company is known in the country for their old-world style of brewing, a process relatively rare to find in the United States, providing an authentic taste on tap. As lovers of beer themselves, Live Oak Brewing sources only authentic ingredients. The beer goes through a mash-up, open fermentation, and subsequent lager process. The brewery currently offers 5 year-round beer options, as well as seasonal and monthly-limited offerings. Each beer has a distinct taste, and the beers have been distinctly chosen to bring Germany to Austin.


Here are three of the top picks from Live Oak Brewing Company.


Primus Weizenbock

If you enjoy a dark beer, the Primus Weizenbock is right for you. Primus Weizenbock has the highest alcohol content from the beer selection at Live Oak Brewing and combines rich dark roasted malty flavors with banana, clove, and vanilla from Bavarian yeast for a rich drink. On Beer Advocate, a beer lover travel source, Primus Weizenbock received a 4.25/5 rating. Primus Weizenbock is only available in the Winter. I would highly recommend this if you like a dark beer with hints of fruitiness.


Berliner Weisse

Live Oak Brewery has stayed true to their following with their selection of Berliner Weisse, a historical beer that stems back to the 19th century in Berlin, Germany. The Berliner Weisse was once the most popular drink in Berlin, a tangy taste that still is popular today. Berliner Weisse is a great drink in the heat for its sweet, refreshing taste. Live Oak Brewery follows the traditional model of production rooted in Berlin by practicing a naturally limited Lactobacillus and subsequent ale yeast fermentation process. The Berliner Weisse is only available in the Summer and has a 3.2% alcohol content.



Grodziskie has its roots in Poland, but production came to a halt in Grodzisk in 1991. This beer is one of my favorites for its true rarity alone, it would be hard to find one of these elsewhere in the United States. It is made using an oak-smoked wheat malt and hopped like a pilsner. The beer then goes through a cold fermentation process. Due to the high demand of this beer, Live Oak Brewing recently made the beer available year-round! If you are around Texas, it is worth the stop just to try the Grodziskie out.

Live Oak Brewing Company is without a doubt the best German brewery in Texas, but I would go as far as to say it is the best German brewery in America. So do yourself a favor and stop by. It won’t disappoint.