Cheers with beer

Saint Arnold: Been Brewing Since the Independence of Texas

Once cannot speak of Houston’s delights without mentioning one of my favorite craft-breweries, Saint Arnold. Named after the patron saint of brewing, Saint Arnold offers a wholesome brewery experience that matches its legacy and loyal following.


With a new patio, the set-up of their beer garden emits European sensibilities with a strong dash of good ol’ American comfort. There is a fantastic view of downtown Houston and plenty of table seating at this brewery. You can bring your kids along, bring some games, blankets, picnic chairs, and so on. The area offers a wholesome space for the entire family, all while you enjoy some delicious house brews –Not to mention, the Texan-sized gargantuan portions of delicious food!


For the oldest craft-brewery in Texas, Saint Arnold mixes comfort and historical pride with delicious brews and food, from house-made rye bread to some of the best fries one can have. So what is the best this place has to offer?

Free things first: the root beer and tea is free. The root beer itself is delicious and kids are bound to love it. Sandwiches are available on house-made rye bread with house-cured corn beef, in portions so large the food sprawls all over your table. You can even try their pizzas or choose from fancier entrees. Sometimes the founder Brock himself comes out and helps serve in the beer hall. Representing a legacy of Texan craft brewing, the Saint Arnold crew is kind and friendly. There is also the added quirk of buying a Saint Arnold candle on your way out. However, what about the central product of the brewery: the beer?


Saint Arnold brews several different beers; seasonal, all year round and a few single batch brews.


The beers themselves are available in most bars, restaurants, groceries, and warehouse stores throughout Texas and Louisiana. The beers are mostly full bodied, and I am a big fan of Icon, a special IPA in its own right with a burst of hop characteristics and a hint of malt. For a stout, Saint Arnold Mocha Bourbon is a classic as is the Mocha Russian Imperial Stout. The aromas are full blown on both stout and IPA and there is a certain soul to the body of the beer. Since everything is done within the brewery: from brewing to filtering to keg and drinking, there is a little soul to the entire brewery experience.


Saint Arnold offers both specialty beers and year-round brews. For example, they are now selling their 20th Anniversary Ale which, as they call it, “an elegant, complex barley-wine,” colored a deep Burundian brown with a creamy head. It even has a soft dark-chocolate taste.


With its varied selection and high-acclaimed German beers, Saint Arnolds is sure to impress even the most die-hard beer fan.